📚 Currently building skills in...

  • C Programming
  • FreeRTOS on the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040 MCU)
  • FreeRTOS on the NUCLEO-F446RE development board (STM32F446RET6 MCU)

🧰 Hardware Development

  • Schematic design with KiCad EDA
  • Datasheet interpretation
  • Component selection and sourcing
  • PCB design and routing with KiCad EDA
  • SMD reflow soldering
  • Weatherproof enclosure design
  • 3D modelling with OpenSCAD
  • 3D printing

💻 Software Development

  • Arduino for ESP32s
  • ESP32 flash encryption
  • Python scripting on Raspberry Pi's
  • Automated testing with pytest
  • Data storage with SQLite and Postgres
  • Package and virtual environment management with pipenv
  • Flask (side projects)
  • Django (side projects)
  • JavaScript
  • API design (side projects)

☁️ Cloud (side projects)

  • Heroku deployments
  • Digital Ocean VPS deployments
  • Secure file storage on AWS S3 with Boto3
  • Exposure to Heroku workers

🤖 Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Experience with OpenCV in Python for facial detection and recognition applications
  • Exposure to TF-IDF for document summarisation (side projects)
  • Exposure to Azure Cognitive Service for Language (side projects)
  • Exposure to graph theory (side projects)

🛠 Integrations

  • MIFARE and EM card readers
  • Barcode readers
  • WAVEID keyboard wedge card reader
  • Inner Range Inception Controller
  • Inner Range Concept 4000 Controller
  • Integriti Security Controller
  • Hikvision People Counting Camera
  • Cohera-Tech People Counter
  • Speed Gates

👋 Softer Skills

  • Non-technical stakeholder engagement
  • Supplier engagement
  • Technical documentation and manual creation

💡 Other

🚀 Interests and Hobbies

  • Aerospace, especially RC planes and drones
  • Robotics, especially walking robots
  • 3D printing. I love coming up with an idea and being able to hold it in my hands within hours
  • Everything motorised, especially homemade electric crazy carts

🧠 3 words that best describe me

Passionate, Determined and Caffeinated.

I'm currently looking for a new opportunity in and around Melbourne, Victoria. Open to roles with hybrid working arrangements. Happy to relocate for the right opportunity.

If any of the above sound valuable to you and/or your company, then please say hi [email protected]